LiquidGooey® (lik'wid-goo'ee)n. 1. Fluid Graphic User Interface 2. Content that is thick in substance and displays strategic flow. adj. Interface having a flowing quality without harshness or abrupt breaks.
Voice Over Services: LiquidGooey Graphic now offers voice over services brought to you by Bring your website to life by telling your customers about your goods or services!
Websites: Utilizing CSS, PHP/MySQL, HTML5, Adobe CS5 Suite, Flash, Live and Pre-Recored Video Streaming, JQuery and more.
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Marketing Postcards

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Marketing Packaging

LiquidGooey Wins W3 AwardFounded by Erik Summers, an award winning web designer, LiquidGooey® Graphic develops custom, scalable web sites, applications, marketing, print and interactive media for individuals, companies and organizations.

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NOTE: is a 2006 W3 Award Recipient in the category of 'Visual Appeal'. was designed & developed by LiquidGooey® Graphic.

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